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Evergreen Apothecary sells the finest cannabis, grown in house under close supervision. We have approximately 30 marijuana strains available at all times, and we are constantly receiving fresh harvests.

We carry the purest concentrates available from OrganaLabs ranging from honey hash oil to Ambrosia, OrganaLabs’ answer to custom ‘cannabis caviar,’ and various forms of hash.

We pride ourselves in trying to find alternatives to your average edible and our products are provided by the finest quality infused product companies operating in Denver today, including Cheeba Chews, Dabba Bars, Green Hornet, Incredibles, Sweet Stone, Edi-pure, At Home Baked, Stixx, Bhang Chocolate, Gaia’s Garden, Dr J’s, Standing Akimbo, Mountain High Suckers, Sweet Grass, CannaPunch and MarQaha.

Brand New at Evergreen Apothecary! OrganaLabs Olive Oil: 2800mg|$129 5600mg|$249
ingredients: pure organically extracted CO2 cannabis oil, olive oil



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